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The Fourth Temptation of Man

We are well aware of the three temptations a man commonly confronts—glory [pride], girl [lust] and gold [money]. As we live in this modern, advanced age, there is another temptation that I wish to add to the list. This has become a powerful, irresistible temptation to many a man. It has now taken an enticing, equivalent position to the common three.

Can you guess what it is?


Today, many Christian men, including so many pastors and leaders, have become victims of the fourth temptation—electronic gadgets. These have enslaved so many of us in the form of being good to our eyes and appearing pleasurable to our senses while in fact eating away our precious and brief time on earth.

Just think:

• How many spend more time before Facebook than before God’s book!
• How many spend more time in online chatting than in conversing with God!• How many spend more time before the television, watching movies and programs, than in study of sound books that builds oneself in the Lord!
• How many spend more time listening to music players [mp3 players, iPod…etc] than in seeking opportunities to listen to discouraged souls and encourage them!
• How many spend more time with computer games than treasuring God’s word in heart!
• How many spend more time in superfluous conversations on their mobile phones than grabbing time to serve others for their edification!
• How many spend more money in buying electronic gadgets than generously helping the needy ones and in the spread of God’s kingdom work!

Well, I am not saying it is wrong or sinful to spend time with the electronic gadgets. What I want to convey is that we need to exercise discipline and moderation, investing reasonable time and money in such things. If we allow these to take precedence over our relationship with God, His Word and His kingdom issues—we lose spiritual fervency, vitality and strength, living no better creatures than those who do not know the Living God.

Donald S. Whitney counsels, "If we are going to be like Jesus, we must see the use of our time as a spiritual discipline." O, time wasted on earth is life wasted for God! So, let us beware of glory, girl, gold and gadgets—for all these have the potentiality to suck our spiritual strength and valuable time, making us impotent in our life for God.

Finally, remember, we are accountable to God even in regard to our time. Jonathan Edwards [1703-1758] exhorted to live each day as if at the end of that day you had to give an account to God of how you used your time. Imagine how carefully we would daily invest our time in things if we live with this sacred consciousness!
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