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Biblical Principles for Healthy Communication

Who doesn’t agree that one of the greatest problems we are facing today in interpersonal relationships is unhealthy communication? Who doesn’t confront difficulties in family, in workplace and in neighborhood because of lack of good communication? Who isn't aware of the fact that conflicts in relationships are usually flared up due to ill-mannered communication? In spite of so much of advancement in technical communication isn't man still lacking the discernment to speak well?

There are surplus books on communication in our day but nothing like the wisdom we find in that Old Book which is as old as sun and as fresh as the dawn. Indeed all communication skills echo the truth we find in the Holy Scripture. Have you miserably failed like me in apt communication and struggling to improve your attitude and skills for healthy communication? Then join with me in considering and obeying the following exhortations of the Scripture:


Guard Your …

Answer to the Point (Guarding Peace at Home)

In conversing with your spouse or vice versa, does this question sound familiar, “Why don’t you answer to the point?”

I was planning to go to Operation Mobilization library to spend the entire day to study and write. It takes one-hour drive from my house or even more depending on the traffic. To me this journey is often hard, for it is a busy road and I cannot avoid pollution and traffic hassle. So as I was getting ready and informed my wife about my day’s schedule, she curiously asked me, “Are you coming back in the afternoon?” Boom! “What on earth are you asking,” I thought to myself. That questioned annoyed me beyond reason. Think—by the time I go there, after traveling hard, I will be just two hours ahead before afternoon. And this woman, I thought, is asking me whether I will be coming back in the afternoon, as if it is something behind the house.

After hearing her, I blurted out, “How can you ask me such a question? How do you think I will come back by afternoon?” What a…