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Good, But Not Humble

Lately, I have been thinking about the term “good”. It has become quite common these days to say, “She is good” or “He is good”. If someone speaks of us as a good person, it does make us feel good, right? However, I came to realize that I should not settle with being good. I need to purse, pray and excel in the most excellent virtue. What is it?

If I ask myself, “Out of all the people I know who I think are good, can I testify they are also humble?” To be honest, I can’t. Perhaps, out of 100% of the people I know whom I call ‘good’, I wonder whether I would be able to testify at least 5% among them as humble. The term ‘good’ has become such an ordinary word, even often loosely used, we attribute that to anyone who may appear ‘nice’, at least in appearance. But the term ‘humble’ cannot be that easily applied to anybody, for it is the most excellent virtue.

How thoughtful we become when it comes to call someone a humble person! How difficult it is to testify about others, even the good we…