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God Helps in Weaknesses.....But???

Have you ever wondered why God at times doesn’t help us in overcoming our weaknesses? Why is it when we cry out to God to free us from our moral failures, He seems to hide Himself from us, as if He is not willing to come for our aid? We may be pleading to God to deliver us from vices, such as anger, lust, anxiety, impatience, greed…etc, and yet we find ourselves again and again staining ourselves with these evils, and therefore thinking, “When will God help me in these areas to live a life of an overcomer? If God wants me to be holy why is He not answering my prayers for holiness?"

God shuns the prayers of proud
As I was pondering over this issue, the Spirit of the Living God taught me an important lesson. One of the reasons God doesn’t help us in our weaknesses, no matter how much we pray (even fast), is that we are not compassionate towards others’ weaknesses.How highly critical we are towards the weaknesses of other people! How unkindly we criticize others’ failures! How carefu…