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Resolutions in Regard to Money

Money—who doesn’t want it? Both the good and the bad want it—the former out of need and the latter out of greed.
As needful and useful money is, I have learned, it is also a dangerous asset. Many Christian leaders have wrecked their reputation and ministry because of money. Thus, if there is any area wherein we have to build some strong principles, I suppose, it should be in the area of money.
I have been in Christian ministry for twelve years. I have committed so many blunders and learned so many lessons that eventually led me to make some wise resolutions in the Lord, particularly pertaining to finance.
There is a reason why I want to share these resolutions—it may encourage others to be careful in the area of money matters, bringing glory to God. Also, sharing this puts me in accountability to all the readers regarding my commitment [if I go astray in my resolutions, please feel free to correct me]. Anything beyond this, may the Lord give me the grace to overcome all the tempta…

Why Does God Save People? [Audio Clip]

Did you ever think - Why does God save people? What is the purpose of God in saving people? I suppose, many are unaware of this fact. This brief audio clip explains the purpose of God in saving people.

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The Fourth Temptation of Man

We are well aware of the three temptations a man commonly confronts—glory [pride], girl [lust] and gold [money]. As we live in this modern, advanced age, there is another temptation that I wish to add to the list. This has become a powerful, irresistible temptation to many a man. It has now taken an enticing, equivalent position to the common three.

Can you guess what it is?


Today, many Christian men, including so many pastors and leaders, have become victims of the fourth temptation—electronic gadgets. These have enslaved so many of us in the form of being good to our eyes and appearing pleasurable to our senses while in fact eating away our precious and brief time on earth.

Just think:

• How many spend more time before Facebook than before God’s book!
• How many spend more time in online chatting than in conversing with God!• How many spend more time before the television, watching movies and programs, than in study of sound books that builds oneself in the Lord!
• How many spe…