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LEADERSHIP – What Is Its Foremost Characteristic?

Ask folks about what ‘leadership’ is primarily about, the following may be few responses from them:

• It is about leading.
• It is about delegating.
• It is about managing.
• It is about controlling.
• It is about organizing.
• It is about overseeing.
• It is about serving.

There is no argument in the assertion that a leader’s function is to lead, delegate, manage, organize, oversee and serve. However, I believe, these are not his primary task. There is something which comes ‘first’ before all these. In fact, without doing 'this' foremost thing he would be a failure in the following. It can be said that ‘this’ qualifies him to do the rest. What could be that first and the most important characteristic of a leader?

Leading Oneself
A leader, before leading others, leads himself well. A leader, before managing others, manages his habits well. A leader, before organizing things, organizes his life well. A leader, before exerting healthy control, practices self-contro…

Rewards of Suffering

The other day, my dear friend Kamal and I were traveling back home after having our ministry meeting. As we were conversing on our way, he made an insightful comment. When we go through suffering, we generally tend to comfort ourselves and others by reviving the focus on the reward that we would be receiving in heaven. True, we do receive a great reward on the Last Day when we endure trials, for it is written, “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him” (Jas 1:12).

But then, why don’t we also realize the rewards that we get here on earth because of afflictions? Kamal further talked about the blessings that we receive as a result of suffering in this world. What could be those rewards? As I was reflecting on our conversation, the following Scriptures come into mind.
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testi…

Everyone Deserves Respect

Few days back I was at home taking care of my second son, Joe. In my conversation with him, I used words in my vernacular language, which is generally used by elders in our culture - “You have no shame.” He is just three years and eight months old. When he heard, he repeated back those words to me, “You have no shame.” I told him, “You shouldn’t speak like that to elders.” He replied without hesitation, “Such words should not be spoken by anyone, whether younger ones or elders.” Those words came to me like a slap on my face. I apologized to him for using those words. He then gave back his usual cute and mesmerizing smile.

My son taught me that day that every person, whether young or old, deserves respect.

Often times, I have observed, we elders do things which we don’t expect our younger ones to follow. We think we have the right to speak and do anything and the children are forbidden to do such, even no right to question us. But should not we set a good example to them about how they n…