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Nelson David - My Brother, My Pride

Recollecting the past, Paul, a former persecutor of the church turned a disciple of Christ Jesus, writes to the church in Galatia, “And they (churches) praised God because of me (Paul).” (1:24)

There are amazing people God brings in our life and when we think about them we just want to thank God for such beautiful lives. There are such wonderful people around us that even though they speak less their lives are so radiant that we cannot help but praise God for them. One such person for whom I want to thank God is Nelson David. He is none other but my elder brother.

If you read my testimony, you will come across my brother Nelson, a once great devotee of ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ (one of the familiar deities of India). He was the one who won me over to become Baba’s devotee. After some series of tragic events, miraculously, he came to know that Jesus Christ is the only God and Savior of the world. And after committing his life to Jesus, he had that untold burden for my salvation. I was a rebellio…

Epidemic of Individualism - Resistance to be Held Accountable

Imagine somebody coming and courteously questioning, “How is your family life?” or “How is your prayer life?” or “How is your thought life?” or “How wisely do you use your time?” To many who claim to be followers of Jesus and members of the body of Christ, this would be a blatant offense. There may be a wild reaction within (though not necessarily in words), “Who on earth do you think to question me?” “How does it matter to you the way I live?” “It’s personal; nobody has any right to intrude my personal life.”

Such frontal questions may expose the insecurity of a person. Should I say it also shakes the inner egotistic pillars? It may sting the heart. It may cause fretfulness. It may turn the face pale. It may even implant a root of bitterness towards the questioner. There may be a scream in heart, “Hello, I think you are crossing your boundaries!” Pitifully, the questioner maybe pushed at bay.

Why such bizarre reaction?

Permeation of Individualism
The terrible disease of our day which is …

Better, But Not Perfect

When Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990), a prolific English journalist and writer, was asked, "Did you ever get to a point where you thought you were a good Christian?" He candidly responded, "No…No, I'm afraid not. But I'm better than I was."

The response given by Muggeridge reveals an apt description about what Christian life is. It isn't a life of perfection. Not even a life of dereliction. It is but a life of continuous sanctification. In living a Christian life, we are not as worse as we were nor will we be as perfect as we should be. It is a life of transition, not a state of life, from imperfection to perfection, from evil to good, from ungodliness to Christ-likeness. It is a life where we become better and better and better in our brief journey of life on earth.

Are you disappointed because your life isn't perfect? Focus on perfection and you will end up condemning yourself for not being so. Focus on the person Jesus Christ and you will find hope …

The Sin of Self-Protection

Dr. Larry Crabb is one of the highly respected counselors of our day, writing extensively on the core issues of man’s needs and guiding many to find satisfaction in their Maker. He is an author who won my eyes, whose books I blindly recommend to read.

Recently, I was reading a portion, from his well-written book, Inside Out. In this Gold Medallion Award-winning classic, he writes, “not everyone is involved in flagrant sin.” Many Christians do not commit horrible sins as such. They basically live honorable and decent lives. But as good as they maybe, there is a sin in which they easily fall and remain unaware of its disastrous work, which Larry calls, “The Sin of Self-Protection.”

What does it mean?

It certainly does not mean protecting oneself from physical assault. Larry describes, “The sin of self-protection to which I refer occurs when our legitimate thirst for receiving love creates a demand to not be hurt that overrides a commitment to lovingly involve ourself with others.” I canno…

My Name Is Pride

No other topic evokes my attention as the subject of pride. This may be because the Lord has caused me to become more aware of its vicious activity within me. Praise be to the Lord of mercy!

The worst nature of pride is that it is best visible in others than in oneself, unless the Lord mercifully opens our eyes to see its merciless destructive work within us and through us in others.

“Father in Heaven, enlighten our eyes to clearly see that arrogance within us and deliver us for this evil. Humble us, O God of humility, to walk with you intimately and to get along with people peacefully.”

It’s always humbling to read on pride. In my personal study on this pathetic topic, I recently came across an intriguing description on pride penned by Beth Moore. May the Lord use this to help us know the deceptive nature of pride within us.

Remember, pride is no friend of us; it is a deadly foe. The more we nourish it, the more it ruins us from within and without. It gives a good feeling of yourself wh…

Straight Talk to Men – Reflections from 12 Years of Marital Life

On October 7, 2010, my wife and I had celebrated 12th year of our wedding anniversary. I thank God for this institution of marriage, for it is one of the wonderful schools wherein we learn great and life-changing lessons. It is here that a man’s character is exceedingly molded, learning patience and gentleness in the adventurous journey of life together. It is here that a man is educated to die to self. It is here that a man learns sacrifice and service.

Keeping Wives Happy
If I am asked, “What is that one lesson you have learned all these years?” I would say, “Men, if you want to have your world happy, keep your wives happy.” I am most happy when I give my wife utmost happiness. In grieving her, I grieve myself the most. In hurting her, I hurt myself more. This is not to say I have to love my wife only to keep myself happy. That’s sheer selfishness. I have a grand reason to do so: “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her” (Eph. 5:25). Chri…