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Who Created God?

Skeptics often argue, “If everything has a cause, then God, who is the so-called Creator of the entire universe, must also be having a cause. Therefore, who is the creator of God?” Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), a staunch atheist, insisted that if Christians want to be so adamant about pressing the causuality question in seeking a cause for everything, then the First Cause (God) must have also had a cause. He said his father taught him that the question “Who made me?” cannot be answered, since it is immediately followed by another question: “Who made God?”

The question, “Who created God” is an intriguing enquiry which begs a logical answer. There is no book on the face of the earth that handles this question so brilliantly like the Holy Bible. Skeptics must be careful enough to understand when it is said “FOR EVERYTHING there is a cause,” it means, “FOR EVERTHING THAT HAS A BEGINNING or FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAS COME INTO EXISTENCE or FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS FINITE, there is a cause.” The …

E-Mail From Devil To A Demon

My dear little demon, I appreciate your 24/7 labor to keep your Target neglect His God, our Enemy. But you need to labor with subtlety lest you waste your efforts. You must be extremely careful about how you mess up his devotional life. Are you scheming to cause him think that prayer, worship, meditating the Bible, self-examination and interceding for others are useless? Nah, don’t do such a foolish thing. The more you try to do so, the more he reasons in his mind and may fall into the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Don’t give him a sense of battle for that would be your disadvantage. Agree with whatever he agrees, but don’t let him practice what he believes. The advantage of him being serious about spiritual issues is that you have greater opportunity to condemn him for not living accordingly. After all, is there any greater joy than seeing your Target wallow in self-condemnation!

Well, do your best to shuffle his priorities and have him neglect the godly disciplines. One way you can …