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June 26th—Why Is It An Unforgettable Day of My Life?

I have earned the reputation among those intimate with me about being a forgetful person. My friend says he can write a book on this funny part of my life. Then how is my mind stamped with this date—June 26th?

This day is the most remarkable day of my life. It is more important than the day I was born. It is more auspicious than the day I got married. It is more memorable that the day my children were born. Moreover, it would be more wonderful than the day I would die.

“Why is it so” you might question?

This June 26th, 2011, takes my thoughts back to June 26th, 1996. Fifteen years back, on this day, I woke up from my bed with heavy conviction about the serious issues of life. Eventually, the Spirit of God brought me to the feet of Jesus. It was on this day that I gave my life to my beloved Jesus and became His child and disciple. [Click here later to read my brief testimony about how I came to know the Lord]

How I came to Christ is still a wonder to me! I didn’t experience a miracle, didn…

A Leader and His Family

We leaders suppose our greatest responsibility is to minister to the church and world. We miss to understand that family is one great responsibility God has given to us, much greater responsibility than church and ministry. We are unfit for ministry if we neglect this primary responsibility that God has entrusted to us to disciple them in His ways....

The following message "A Leader and His Family" is delivered in two sessions, in a meeting "Leaders Fellowship Network", on June 15th, 2011. This video is just an excerpt. May the Lord accomplish His glorious purpose through the message!

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Never Give Up in Pain!

(This week’s article is dedicated to my eldest son "Joy". On June 10th, 2011, he turned 7 years old. We had the privilege of celebrating his birthday in HOPE’s orphanage at Secunderabad. Anyone who is willing to be a blessing to orphans, I heartily recommend to support HOPE where children are properly nurtured with God’s love. Pradeep leads this orphanage and I testify that he is a man of integrity and the resources are rightly used for the welfare of children. You may write to:


These days I am teaching my son to type on the computer system without looking at the keyboard. He has to position his little fingers on the keyboard and slowly learn to type without seeing. Believe me, it is painful and so tedious, especially for a kid of 7 years.

Initially, he was reluctant to learn, but I motivated him to do so without giving up on him. His face was downcast and with great difficulty he began to learn …

Worshiping God with Our Body (Fleeing from Sexual Immorality)

Our body is a great gift from God to us, and the Holy Scripture exhorts us to worship our Maker with our body. What do you think about worshiping God with our body? How do we worship God with our body?

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