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No Greater Attitude Like Gratitude

"The best giving is thanksgiving" – G.K. Chesterton

Last week, my youngest son, Joe (now 4 years), spoke an unacceptable word to my eldest son, Joy (now 6 years). When I came to know what Joe spoke, I became upset. I was going out and told Joy to come along with me. Now, Joe always loves to go out with me, but as an act of discipline, I did not take him. So he went to his mom to have her tell me to take him but she did not yield to his nagging.

As I was about to start my bike, my eldest son, Joy, sitting at my back, asked, "Papa, shall we take Joe along with us?" I told him, "No! He spoke to you using an unacceptable word." Then Joy said, "It’s okay, Papa. Forgive him." He got down from the bike, ran up to my house and brought Joe down.

When Joe came, I didn’t speak to him. Deliberating ignoring his presence, as I was about to start the bike, Joy said again, "Papa, let's take Joe. Forgive him." I said, "He didn’t repent of his mi…