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Accountability – An Impetus to Overcome Pornography

I have observed, whenever we fall in sin, for the most part we slip into it unprepared.

It happened to me that one day I was browsing on the Internet to read some inspirational stuff. I was low in my spirit and looking for some encouragement. It is when we are downcast that this lust within us reaches fever pitch. As I was rummaging through Google’s search engine, I was subtly enticed towards partial sensual content. My mind became dumb. I shut down my moral convictions. I lost control over my passions. My heart was hardened. Curiosity increased. And that later took me into watching porn for a while, indulging in sinful sight and imagination. I had the choice to resist and get back to my work but I foolishly gave in to temptation.

I need to admit that my past life, before Christ, was ruled by lust and that old nature reared up its ugly head again. I was completely shattered when I fell into this sin. I hated and condemned myself for yielding to it. I could not face myself, my family o…

Insecurity – The Unavoidable Battle in Leadership

There is an intriguing event in the history of Israel. It is an incident from which today’s leaders can be cautioned about digging our own pitfalls out of fear of insecurity. It is a story about a man who was strong and gifted but ruined his kingdom for being ruled by insecure feelings.

Jeroboam – A Man of Insecurity
The story begins with the disobedience of Solomon. When he followed after other gods, turning his back against the Living God, the Lord then raised up Jeroboam (a key official of Solomon) against him (1 Ki. 11). The Lord promised Jeroboam that he would tear apart the kingdom of Israel and bless him with ten tribes, making him king over Israel. The Lord also cautioned him to be careful in following His commands so that his throne would remain secure forever (1 Ki. 11:31-39).

However, things didn’t happen as God exhorted Jeroboam. After the death of Solomon, the kingdom was divided, having Jeroboam as the king over Israel and Rehoboam as the king over Judah. Then Jeroboam did …

Prince of the Poor vs Preachers of Prosperity

One of the fascinating and thriving teachings in the contemporary Christendom, towards which multitudes are drawn, is “prosperity.” Never before in the history of the church has there been a greater emphasis on this topic as it is in the present age. There are many prosperity preachers emerging in our time, most of them found on television. Regretfully, many are excitingly receiving this teaching without careful examination.

Preachers of Prosperity
Basically, there are two piteous elements found in prosperity teaching:

a) One of the famous clichés of prosperity is this – sow a seed (money). Prosperity teachers motivate people to sow a seed (money), thereby reaping a great harvest (material blessings) from the Lord. Even if someone doesn’t have sufficient money or living in debts, they can still sow a seed of faith (whatever little money they have) and reap abundant financial prosperity. Obviously, there is an immense emphasis on giving in their teachings.

Of course, the Holy Bible too t…