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Mothers, Respect Your Children’s Father

Note: The following message is a continuation of the previous topic: "Fathers, Love Your Children's Mother"

The word ‘woman’ isn’t a sign of weakness but a living example of meekness. She is not a reflection of inferiority but of humility. She has been created by the Living God, not to manifest either smallness or haughtiness, but gentleness and kindness. What's more, she has been blessed with a grand privilege to exemplify submissiveness. Therefore, is it not unfitting for a mother to behave disrespectfully towards her children's father?

One major problem husbands have with their wives is-DISRESPECT. And this problem had jeopardized many families, including the lives of children. I once came across a true incident of a successful doctor who had an affair with an office secretary who wasn’t nearly as good looking as his wife. When asked by the counselor, “What did you see in her?” he replied, “She made me feel more comfortable.” “Whenever I went home…

Fathers, Love Your Children’s Mother

(I think fathers deserve special attention in parenting because their influence upon the children cannot be underestimated in regard to how they treat their mother. I share the following message not as a perfect father but as a man who loves to be a mature dad.)

“What is the most important thing I can do for my children?” asked a father to an elderly man. “Love their mother!” was the response. I am glad for those men who are loving and caring towards their wives but this isn’t the case with many. Let’s be honest and ask—what description comes into the mind of our children when they hear the term ‘father’? What impression do they have about fatherhood? Does the term ‘father’ or ‘daddy’ or ‘papa’ bring a sense of security and care to children because of the way he treats their mother or does that term sound scary and disappointing?

Making the Lives of Children either Better or Worse
A young girl confided to me:
I hated my dad because of his rudeness and anger towards my mom. He cr…