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Where is the Money of the Church Going? - Part 2

(Continuation of Part 1)

What do we observe in the above Scriptures (see Part 1)? We need to understand that these exhortations were not written to social organizations or charitable groups; these were written to the local churches of Christ Jesus. When we examine all the exhortations on giving in the New Testament, which need takes prominence in the priority list? Where did the money in the early church primarily go?

It is quite obvious from the Scriptures—the poor and needy people were of primary importance to the early church. John MacArthur in The MacArthur New Testament Commentary 1 Corinthians (pg. 451), comments, “The primary purpose of giving, as taught in the New Testament, is for the support of the saints, the church.” Also, Church historian Earle E. Cairns, in Christianity Through The Centuries, notes that even during the middle part of the second century the collection was primarily taken to help the poor and needy people. According to the information found in First Ap…