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Losers for the Gospel

Few days ago, after many years, my brothers and sisters and all our families had the privilege of meeting together for a time of fellowship. Wondering when we would meet this way again, I arranged a photographer for snapping photos of our families together.
Wow, I thought, everything went on well! 

But when we got the pictures in print, we were disappointed to see them as they came out with a very poor quality, like a mobile’s VGA camera. My younger brother was angry, went to the studio and yelled at the photographer for his crappy work.
When I learned about my brother’s reaction, since the studio person knew that we are Christians, I felt concerned about the gospel and wondered—what would happen to the saltiness of our Christian testimony? Will our reaction become a stumbling block for these unsaved people to the receptivity of the gospel? What kind of message are we giving to the unbelievers through our conduct?

Convicted by these questions, I immediately called the photographer o…

Your Salvation - Biblical or Self-Induced?

One of the worst deceptions of the devil is to make people believe they are Christians when they are not, to make people believe they are saved when they are not, to make people believe they are going to heaven when they are not. And there so many people in Christian homes and churches without having biblical salvation. Hence, this message is to help people understand the meaning and significance of biblical salvation in contrast to self-induced salvation.

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