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Nelson David - My Brother, My Pride

Recollecting the past, Paul, a former persecutor of the church turned a disciple of Christ Jesus, writes to the church in Galatia, “And they (churches) praised God because of me (Paul).” (1:24)

There are amazing people God brings in our life and when we think about them we just want to thank God for such beautiful lives. There are such wonderful people around us that even though they speak less their lives are so radiant that we cannot help but praise God for them. One such person for whom I want to thank God is Nelson David. He is none other but my elder brother.

If you read my testimony, you will come across my brother Nelson, a once great devotee of ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ (one of the familiar deities of India). He was the one who won me over to become Baba’s devotee. After some series of tragic events, miraculously, he came to know that Jesus Christ is the only God and Savior of the world. And after committing his life to Jesus, he had that untold burden for my salvation. I was a rebellious young brat, untamed by anyone. My life was swiftly heading towards destruction.

I think it was John Wesley who said, “No one is saved unless someone has prayed.” Nelson continuously poured out his heart before God for my salvation. He even used to request many God’s people to intercede for me. I must honestly acknowledge that God in His grace used his fervent prayers to save me from a life filled with wickedness and rebellion. I am grateful to the Living God for using Nelson to save me from perishing in sin.

Besides, I praise God for my brother’s life in Christ which is a great inspiration to me and to others. As his younger brother, I know Nelson quite well personally. Reflecting on his life, I take this opportunity to share few things through which, I hope, the readers would be blessed and encouraged. May I mention that the things I am going to share are not what he taught me verbally; these are just observations from his practical life.

A Family Man: I have seldom seen a person so committed to his family as my brother Nelson. In spite of fierce storms that he faced, he stayed committed to his wife and children. He loves them greatly. He gave up many good things he relished, just for the sake of his family. His care for his wife and children is very impressive. His patience is stunning. If you stay in his house and watch him closely, you may leave with guilt that you may not be functioning as caring a husband and father as you ought to be. Although he is a busy man, he labors in household chores and for the well-being of his family.

There are many I know whose life in the family is not as impressive as they appear outside. Nelson’s life is unusual. My family considers him as a great family man. What he is outside is what he is inside the house. I wish to be like him, a caring husband and father.

A Passionate Man: Whenever I speak to him, I rarely hear him without sensing his passion. He has a tremendous passion for God, for his church and for the lost. I know him for years and his passion is still the same, even increasing. His love for God is indescribable. He is a great pastor, passionate to build his church and to equip them. The burden that he has for his people cannot be exaggerated.

He is a man who is also known for his passion for the lost souls. Under his ministry, the Lord changed many young people who were fornicators, adulterers, deceivers and rebels. How they thank God for his life!

Wherever he goes for ministry, he leaves a powerful impact upon the lives of people. Wherever he worked, they miss him greatly. He is such a sincere and passionate man with whom people cherish to work. Truly, he is a man on fire for God. How seldom do we find such passionate people in God’s Kingdom work these days!

A Humble Man: There are many people about whom we may testify as good, but among them there are so few known for humility. When it comes to Nelson, I do not hesitate to say he is not only a good man, but a humble person too. He is simple, humble and teachable. There is one example that I would like to share which may speak volumes about his humility.

As I said earlier, he is my elder brother and the first person in my family to become a disciple of Christ Jesus. This means he is elder to me both physically and spiritually. However, I had the opportunity to join the Bible College first. He joined sometime later. By the time he was in the last year, I became a lecturer in the College. So, he had to sit in my class.

I don’t know about other cultures, but in India, there is a great sense of superiority among the elders towards the younger ones. Yet, Nelson never behaved as an elder brother, with a sense of superiority, in the class. He used to humbly address me as “sir” and asked honest questions as a student. Even now he candidly shares his doubts, weaknesses and struggles. Although I am younger to him, he honors me higher than himself. I am amazed at his humble spirit.

May the Lord raise many such wonderful people on this earth who make a difference for His glory.

Thank you, Nelson, for being an instrument in God’s hand to be a blessing in my life. I am proud in Christ to be your younger brother. Your love for me excites me. I praise and thank God for sending you in this world on this special day, November 29th. Wish You Happy Birthday!



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  1. I Praise God for the life of Bro Nelson.
    Wish you a blessed birthday, bro Nelson. May the Lord bless you more and keep using you for the extension of His Kingdom.

  2. Hi Stephen,
    I agree with you about your brother. This appreciation is fitting especially today, on his birthday.

    Dear Brother Nelson, Happy Birthday!

    augustine pagolu

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your brother, Stephen. I always enjoy your devotionals. Keep up the good work, brother.


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