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Joyous Moments with JOY

There are many unforgettable events in our life and June 10, 2004, is one such of my life. I was in my friend’s house then. I got a call at midnight which left me tensed. I immediately got ready and rushed to hospital, driving for about one hour. By the time I reached, my wife had already left for surgery. I didn’t know what to do. I was silent and felt apprehensive about what was going to happen. Praying to God I was eagerly waiting outside the operation room. Then I heard a thin and raspy noise from the operation room. A nurse brought out a wondrous little baby, wrinkled and bright. I was overwhelmed with excitement to look at this cute little one, my firstborn son. What a joy to become a father! As this event brought so much of joy in my life, I named him ‘JOY’. I didn’t stop giving thanks to God for him since then.

This year, on June 10, 2009, he had completed five years and entered into six. When he was five, I started to write some joyous times I had with him (between June 10, 2008-2009). I hope you would enjoy reading my joyous moments with JOY.


Joy was suffering from cough and cold. I felt concerned for him, took him on my lap and prayed for him. I prayed something like this, “Jesus, help Joy. Heal his cough and make him well. Amen.” After I eagerly prayed, my son turned to me and asked, “What about cold then?” Oops! I prayed again for his cold.


Sometime back we bought a very old car (about 13 years old). One day, Joy and I were waiting for my wife in the car. Since we had some time, I was talking to him about the coming of Christ Jesus. I was telling him that Jesus is coming soon and will take us to His beautiful home. Then my son curiously asked me, “But how to get our car there?”


Last year, when we joined our Joy in school, he at first resisted going to school. When he was about to go bed at night his only worry was that he has to wake up in the morning and go to school. One night I was trying to explain to him about heaven. I was struggling for words and wondering how to help him understand. The Scripture says that in heaven there is no pain, no crying, no death, but how would my little son understand the pleasure of absence of these things. Suddenly I got a thought and told my son, “In heaven there is no need to go to school.”


I was in a difficult situation and the Lord graciously provided and met my need. I was sharing with my son about how I was in need and how the Lord provided me the money. He looked at me and asked by making gesture with his hand, “Did Jesus throw money from above…Does He create money?”


My son, Joy, has a habit of keeping his thumb in his mouth and suck it. I tried many times to break that habit but couldn’t. So I told him that if he persisted to keep doing this he will get buck teeth and his friends would mock at him. He turned to me and said, “Jesus will heal me anyways, right?”


I was so hungry during the dinner time that after serving food for myself and for my son Joy, I hurriedly started to eat. My son sat before me and prayed, “Thank you Jesus for this food.” I stood still and felt ashamed of eating without praying.

Another interesting thing is I never heard anyone praying specifically like him while giving thanks to God for food. For example, "If there is noodles or biryani before him, he prays, "Jesus, I thank you for this noodles or for this biryani."


Once Joy and I were playing cricket. I hit a shot and shouted “it’s six.” My son took the ball, looked at me and to encourage me he said, “Papa, now you hit seven.” (for those who don’t know the rules of cricket six is the maximum shot you can hit)


One day my wife told my son there is no school. My son said, “No mummy, the school is there. I have seen it three times today.”


I asked my son, “How many students are there in your classroom?” He said, “I don’t know.” Then I asked him, “How many girls are in your class?” He told the number along with all the names of girls.


Joy and I were having breakfast in a restaurant. As we were eating, I asked him, “What is it that you don’t like in me?” It didn’t take a long time for him to answer. He said, “I don’t like you spanking me.” I smiled and asked, “Then what do you want me to do when you commit mistakes?” He was silent. I questioned him again, “Do you want me to kiss you when you commit mistakes?” He said, “No.” Then what do you want me to do?” I asked. He firmly said, “Forgive.”


Joy is fond of cool drinks. If I happen to pass by a shop, he would nudge me, “Papa, I want a cool drink.” So once I told him not to have cool drinks with preservatives because they aren’t fruitful to health; rather he can have fruit juices which are good for health. After I told him, there came a situation where I was quite thirsty. I went to a bakery, grabbed a cool drink and started to drink. My son gave a curious look at me, then came running to me he asked, “Papa, I think cool drink isn’t good for health. Why are you having it?”


I went to a shop along with Joy. As I was leaving, he looked at a cool drink and wanted to have it. I told him, “That drink isn’t good. I will make a good one at home.” But when he persisted to have that drink, I said, “Don’t you believe me Joy that I will make a good drink for you?” He looked at me and said, “Why should I believe in you Papa when I already believed in Jesus?”



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  1. this is hilarious. i remember the various joyous incidents with my son reading this. Thanks for sharing this. The specific prayer for food items might be a common phenomenon. my son too prays like that... sometimes even for water.

  2. He has your looks too. Nice story, reminds me of all the funny moments with my son, Micah. Indeed as the Scripture says, children are a wonderful blessing from the Lord and we praise God for them.

    - Reuben


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